Day 275

Today I connected with my inner cowgirl by visiting Williston for the Peanut Festival. Since I am interning out here a bunch of my cohort girls and I decided it would be a fun outing! The festival was very interesting…lots of peanuts, even an ELEPHANT! I rocked a denim dress and all that was missing was a pair of cowboy boots (later I got a pair from my neighbor…so my outfit will be complete for future Williston outings!) While at the festival I saw two kids from my class…only one saw me. Little EmmaLee gave me the biggest hug! She is my kindergartner that wears a different pair of cowgirl boots everyday…oh! she also wears these GIANT belt buckles. One day while the kids were doing their morning work she goes “I got my cowgirl boots on and my jean skirt, I look just like Carrie Underwood” Adorable! Today she was wearing RED cowgirl boots…

I edited this because I love how the red stands out! After the festival Amanda and I headed back to Orlando. We left straight from Williston so the GPS took us down this country road. It was beautiful…horses and farms everywhere you looked. You are not going to believe what I am about to tell you, but luckily I have another picture for proof. As we were driving we passed PLUMLEY FARMS…I about died! I made Amanda turn the car around so I could get a picture!

Tonight was the Florida vs. Alabama game…and I am sad to report we lost…by a lot. It was pretty painful to watch the game. I must say I absolutely DESPISE Alabama’s quarterback McElroy…the entire game he had this arrogant smile spread across his face. I can’t wait until we play them again in the SEC championship (given we win the rest of our games) and one of our players absolutely WRECKS him, wiping that smile from his face. Okay, thats pretty intense but you don’t mess with the GATORS.


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