Day 273

So for the past THREE days I have woken up early (like leave the house by 7:20 early) and Thursday’s are generally my sleep in day…but the universe wanted to refuse me sleep by making Common Hour at 7:25 AM. Yes you read that correctly…I had to be ON CAMPUS in the classroom at 7:25. This meant I left my apartment at 6:45 while it was still dark outside…this is the picture from the bus stop at 7:00 AM waiting in the dark with Karen…

Luckily class on thursday is my favorite…Dr. Nelson is the BEST teacher ever. Today we had to write a lesson plan and when we finished we could leave, so I got out an hour early…which left plenty of time for a nap. At 6:45 I headed over to the house for BUNCO! I stayed until 7:30..but then I had to leave for the tennis courts because we had our second match. Unfortunately, I lost 8-6 in my doubles match, but Phi Mu won overall…which means we are moving on!! šŸ™‚


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