Day 260

I am going to keep this post short and sweet…because what I am about to tell you was literally one of the best moments of my entire week!

So for the past four weeks I have been “interning” in a kindergarten classroom. I instantly fell in love with kindergarten…but especially with one little boy in my class. He came into kindergarten having NEVER held a pencil and he had no idea how to write his name. Over the weeks I have watched him improve steadily. At the beginning of this week he was able to write the B and T of his name.

But today…My little kindergartner Bryant wrote his name ALL by himself for the first time EVER!!!!!!! I was SO excited…but nothing beats his smile when he realized he finally did it ALL by himself!!!

This is why I want to be a teacher. 🙂

** On a side note, Karen and I went to get our Flu Shots today so we are not infected by the sick kids in our class! I am just hoping I don’t have any negative side effects!


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