Day 259

This morning started off on a horrible note…I woke up to find an email from my boss in my inbox. She informed me that two of my girl scouts mother had been murdered, I later found out it was the girls grandmother, horrible news regardless. Here is the link to the story. It breaks my heart, because the girls father who was home at the time, is one of the BEST girl scout parents I have ever encountered. He was always dropping his daughters off and picking them up, even driving them to the field trips at the office. The only bit of comfort I got from this incident is that my girl scouts may have been at their mothers house when this occurred. They live with their father during the summer and mother during the school year. This is one of the scariest/most intense things I have ever encountered working with girl scouts. Now don’t get me wrong I now a lot of my girls come from troubled backgrounds, but I never expected something like this to happen…

Now I don’t want to leave you all depressed by this story…so to put a smile on your face…. my friend Stephen made a surprise visit up to Gainesville…he had a retreat in Ocala this weekend and no class on Friday so he decided to come see all his friends in Gainesville. Lucky for him the Grey’s Anatomy season finale was being replayed so we made him watch it…Picture of the day is Stephen rocking his Zebra print snuggie…i must argue that my Gator Snuggie is WAAY cooler :)!

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