Day 257

The nasty disease that plagues seniors in high school has followed me to college…Each year I find myself struggling to get over this senioritis. It is an awful disease that makes completing any task very difficult. I had quite the encounter with it tonight while I attempted to write my paper…

After procrastinating for hours I successfully opened microsoft word…but then I was distracted by One Tree Hill on television. It was the premiere, and I saw them filming this summer so of course I had to watch it! During the course of the show I was productive enough to get my name and title on the paper…but then I realized I didn’t have a picture for the day…hence the photo below…

I am proud to say I successfully accomplished this paper before midnight (which is the time when I turn off for the night, regardless of what I have left to do)


2 thoughts on “Day 257

  1. julieulstrup says:

    Hi Sara,
    I did the same all through college. Anything that was of any small interest to me would be more interesting than homework. Don’t worry graduate school will be different Smile

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