Day 243

Today I went all the way back to Kindergarten…and oh my goodness I loved it! :)! Okay, I don’t think I could handle teaching kindergarten everyday, but it is definitely entertaining to help out! Karen’s biggest fear about the classroom was a small child throwing up…When we first walked into the classroom we encountered a little boy asleep on the floor blanket draped over him, Karen was like “great a sick kid DAY one!” Luckily this kid did not throw up…but Biffle and Julianne were working with second grade and they did in fact have a student throw up!

Our teacher is SO sweet, she actually graduated from the Proteach program at UF (so she knows what we are going through) The kids are adorable, but they have the shortest attention span (shorter than mine!)  It was hilarious to watch the teacher read a story, because after about ten minutes they all started fidgeting and rocking back and forth! The teacher decided we should do a song to get the wiggles out! (I wish my real teacher did this today….I almost died in her three hour class!)

One little girl came out of the bathroom complaining “Ms. S, Ms. S one of the boys peed on the toilet seat!” of course every little boy denied it…so guess who got the lucky job of cleaning it…ME! The teacher was very apologetic, but it was not that big of a deal…I have two brothers so I know all about the surprises they can leave behind… fun times!

Picture of the day is me ROCKING my teacher outfit! I feel so OFFICIAL :)!

Tonight I went to an Accapella show on campus! Biffle’s roommate Kim is in one group called No Southern Accent and they are INCREDIBLE! I almost didn’t go because I was so tired…but I am glad I went! :)!


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