Day 239

Today I saw my brother Ryan for the first time since we have BOTH been at UF. He is definitely Mr. Cool on campus…way cooler than I was as a freshman! :)! It was really good getting to see him, we  grabbed lunch and then hung out at my apartment. He also took advantage of my washer and dryer to get some stuff washed…but unfortunately we ran out of time to finish so I got stuck with the lovely job of folding all his clothes (I am such a good sister… :)!!)

After this nice lunch I had Girl Scouts…with only one girl showing up. We worked on finishing the animal badge…but I think Natalie and I had the most fun molding animals out of clay! Here are some of our creations…I love my job! We had a staff meeting tonight…those are always HILARIOUS! The leaders always share some crazy stories from the sites.


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