Day 209

This morning thanks to Amanda and Natalie’s hardcore research we discovered that they were indeed filming in an adorable park literally minutes from our hotel. The park had this cute gazebo…which is where I snapped this picture!

We were surprised that none of the hardcore fans were there yet. We decided to sit discreetly at a picnic table and pretend to read(me)/sketch (amanda)/and play on phone (nat). Slowly but surely we moved closer and closer to the table…thinking we were being discreet. Lucky for us a few more fans showed up and they were waaaay more intense about it then us. One girl even went as far as walking up to the trailers to ask Stephen Colletti (he was originally on Laguna Beach) and Jackson Brundage (he plays Jamie on the show the adorable son of Haley and Nathan) for a picture. We decided to not be creepy and let them be. After a while all the creepy fans wandered off and Stephen and Jackson came out from the trailer area and started playing this weird game of hide and go seek in the park…cutest thing ever! After a while we decided to follow some people over to a different area of the park, which turned out to be where they were filming a scene. We got to witness them film an ACTUAL scene for the television show. This was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed. All the logistics of the scene are perfected before filming begins. I loved seeing them measure and shoot from different angles. After we got enough stalking we started on our way to Beech Mountain where we are spending the remainder of the trip. Natalie’s Aunt and Uncle are so nice to let us stay with them! :)!


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