Day 208


In all my years visiting Los Angeles I have NEVER seen…let alone MET a famous person…but today that changed! When we got to Wilmington we hiked up to the Visitors Center where the nice woman working informed us that they had been filming One Tree Hill earlier that day 12 blocks away…needless to say we started hiking in that direction. Unfortunately, we made it ten blocks before hitting the highway…which I guess is illegal to walk on (learn something new everyday) So we turned around…Later that day on our way to the hotel we decided to check one last time…

The woman told us to look for a police barricade…when we spotted one we all got VERY excited! We jumped out of the car and joined some of the “hardcore” fans that had been there since 5:30 AM. We literally stood there for 20 minutes before Austin Nichols (Julian from One Tree Hill) came riding out on his bike. He is one of Natalie and I’s favorite because he has the BEST smile! He was extremely friendly (one girl was literally OBSESSED with him and had to get his autograph, a picture, and tell him just how much she LOVED him…it was a little much) We decided to take our picture all together because there was a lot of people waiting. He made sure to get a picture with EVERY single person that wanted one, repeatedly asking if anyone else needed anything. He then got ready to hop on his bike to leave…he said it was “Two Wheel Tuesday” so he had to ride his bike to work…how adorable is that??

After he left we decided to stick around and see who else we saw…we got to meet Kate Voegele…well we had already met her at a concert in Orlando but we got another picture with her. She was SO nice…she stood outside in the rain with us for about 20 minutes just talking. Needless to say it was an AMAZING day! :)! And it is only DAY TWO OF OUR ROADTRIP! Tonight Nat and Amanda did some hardcore research to see if we can find out where they are filming tomorrow…

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