Day 206

Today Natalie Amanda and I went to the Florida Mall…which may I say is one of the BEST places to people watch in Orlando. We went to shop at H&M, but I was very disappointed with their selection…I couldn’t find a SINGLE thing I liked (fail) The Forever 21 there was HUGE…literally TWO stories. Natalie and I were in heaven. I was on a search for “teacher” clothes for volunteering this fall….so every few minutes I would hear Nat scream “THIS LOOKS TEACHERY!” Luckily I was pretty successful at Forever 21…I bought TWO dresses (one fun…one teacher) I can’t wait to wear the fun one on our ROAD TRIP….which starts TOMORROW! Of course I still haven’t packed a SINGLE thing…welcome to my life!

I found these in Old Navy…how cute are they! They made me very reminiscent of my childhood..any girl my age will remember ROCKING the “jellies!” They were the COOLEST shoes ever!

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