Day 198

First off let me start by saying…this is not my beer! I just liked the glass “Dare Risk Dream” It is from the Rogue Brewery we stumbled upon in Astoria. It was just my mom, my dad and I because my brothers were being lazy. First we stopped at the Lewis and Clark Fort, which I must say was rather disappointing…it was not the original fort! After that poor attempt at a National Park we drove to Astoria a cool old town. There was a Pier you could walk out on and that is where we found the Brewery. Later we had to go to Church…don’t get me wrong I usually do not complain about going to Mass but this one was not even in a REAL church. It was being held in the Parish Hall. Every time we are on vacation we always end up at the most painful church services ever (long boring homilies and/or bad music) This Mass had both…luckily there was a giant extended family with lots of cute babies infront of us! We ended up eating dinner in Cannon Beach (where we should’ve stayed) and got this LAST family picture much to my brothers dismay…


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