Day 196

Today was the BIG hike day…and I am proud to report my mom was able to do it! I can’t even imagine how upset she would have been if she didn’t make it to the bottom of Crater Lake. Personally, I got my best picture of the day from the first turnout…

We had to hike down this steep rocky trail to take a boat ride around the lake. The hike down was not that bad, but watching the people hike back up scared me! When we got to the bottom my brothers got to jump off this giant rock into the CRYSTAL clear blue water…but no one informed me we would be able to swim, and since I am not a boy I could not swim. :(! It was SO hot at the bottom I nearly passed out right before we got on the boat ride…so I was fairly miserable the entire time. Every time I started to doze off Ranger Andy had to come strike up a conversation…he was creepy! My favorite convo starter? “Do you like volcanoes?” I later learned that he was asking Ryan if he wanted to be a Park Ranger when he grew up. Honestly MOST boring boat ride EVER! I left the boat with a horrible sunburn and a mile long hike (straight up). The hike up was not fun…but it could have been worse. One more picture from today is a family picture that may very well end up being our Christmas card.

This is at the bottom of the hike…near the giant rock the boys jumped off!)


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