Day 195

My mom is going to LOVE this picture! Today we had to take her to the Emergency Room in Bend Oregon. She hurt her ankle when the raft flipped (her foot was JAMMED into the boat) She could not put any pressure on it, so we took her here to find out what was wrong. Luckily it was not broken…they just gave her a pair of crutches. She is really bummed because the ONE hike she wants to do on this trip is tomorrow (Crater Lake) I really hope she will be able to do it! Tonight we went to dinner at this really cute restaurant…it was in an old house so we ate in the backyard. There was a cute farmers market going in the park next door. When we got back to the hotel (if you could even call it that) **For future reference NEVER stay at a Shiloh Inn**, there were TONS of corvettes parked out front, needless to say my father had to BACK our minivan right in between them.

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