Day 194

This afternoon we went White Water Rafting on the Deschutes River. My family has been white water rafting practically once a year since I was 8, so we are fairly knowledgeable when it comes to rafting. The one thing that has never happened is a flipped boat…or in my case being tossed from the boat. One of those statistics changed today. The entire family went for a swim through one of the rapids. Literally one of the scariest things ever…first we are going through a rapid (nothing out of the ordinary) and next thing I know it feels like the entire raft is flipping and I feel myself thrust into the icy cold river. Before every raft trip they go through safety tips… Nose to Toes (keep your feet pointed down stream with your nose looking at your toes) Hold onto your paddle (its your ticket back into the boat) and if they have to throw the life rope DON’T GRAB THE BAG (grab the rope!). Luckily I remembered one of these while gasping for air…FEET FIRST! If you let your feet drop you run the risk of getting trapped (something I did not want to experience!) But the paddle was the last thing to go through my mind…luckily our guide pulled me back in. I was the first one back in the boat, because when I went in I was literally right by the boat it kept running into me (scary too because these boats are big!) Once I got back in I was still a little shocked at what had just happened but I kicked into gear pretty fast. The guide instructed me to help paddle (after another near spill into the river) I helped pull the rest of the family in. Mom had a death grip on Matthew. She said the only thing that went through her mind was OUR safety…my dad on the other hand was focused on his OWN safety…The rest of the raft trip went pretty well…until the last rapid where our guide pulled us over and told us “DO NOT FALL OUT OF THE BOAT” …needless to say that rapid was very scary! Once we made it safely back to the lodge we got to look at the pictures, and yes they got picture of the mass carnage. My graceful fall from the boat was very well documented…Seriously I would not be surprised if it is forever on the wall in the office!

Ryan was “riding the bull” on this one (he was sitting on the tip of the raft) But as you see the progress of everyone falling out of the boat…mainly me in the last two…graceful! :)! At least it made for a good story! **NOTE** it helps if you click on the photo…it will enlarge it!


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