Day 192

This morning we woke up at 5:15 AM to catch our flight to Portland…luckily I was able to get some reading done on this flight…after I discussed every single aspect of the Amazon Kindle to the woman sitting next to me (honestly Kindle should be paying me for all the soliciting I do!) When we got to Portland we could not check into the hotel so we explored. We were trying to find a good restaurant to eat lunch at but there was one requirement…they had to have a TV so Ryan could watch the World Cup Final…me on the other hand could careless whether or not there was a tv. We FINALLY found one after a painfully long search (lots of arguments ensued). After we finished eating the game was not over…so needless to say Ryan and Matt stayed in the restaurant while Mom Dad and I explored. We went to the Portland Saturday Market (even though it was Sunday) it was a very sketch market…Portland has a lot of “strange” people in it, its like a billboard I saw “KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD” Well, at the rate they are going they will officially have some of the WEIRDEST people ever. During lunch alone we saw a MAN dressed as a woman…and a man with his skin and beard died blue! After the market mom and I stood in the 45 minute line to get Voodoo doughnuts. It is a famous doughnut shop that makes some of the most BIZZARRE doughnuts…one being maple with bacon (my dad tried that one!) They all have hilarious names! One of the MUST get doughnuts was the VooDoo Doughnut…it is shaped like a voodoo doll with a pretzel stake. We heard about this place on one of Matthew’s favorite shows Man Vs. Food! So picture of the day is a collage of doughnut pictures!

For dinner we went to a cute district called Hawthorne, and ate at McMennimens some restaurant in a historic theater! Pretty Cool! :)! In the morning we are heading to Mount Hood!


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