Day 189

This morning I got to babysit for some of my favorite kids! I haven’t seen them in a long time (okay not that long I saw them on the fourth!) I was surprised to find out that their little boy is currently MORE obsessed with Harry Potter than I am…I did not think that was possible. He just got the Lego video game and he is reading the first book. I loooove the Lego men he made to play Quidditch…or as he calls is Squidditch. I must admit these toys were very impressive he made his own brooms and everything. Needless to say picture of the day is the Harry Potter Lego men playing Quidditch!

After babysitting I went to lunch with Chelsie…she goes to school in North Carolina and I am not going to see her again till Christmas!!!!!!! :(! She has to go back to school Saturday to work and then she is spending the entire fall semester in India! After lunch it was time for some last minute packing and then we headed to the airport. I officially HATE to fly. I planned on finishing Harry Potter 5 on the airplane, but I ended up sitting next to the chattiest guy ever! Luckily he was really friendly and easy to talk to…but at the same time I would have loved to read my book. The flight was SO long (4hours3 minutes) but that is forever for someone who can’t sit still for a 50 minute class! Finally made it to LA at 9pm Pacific time…and of course we had to make an In-N-Out burger stop IMMEDIATELY! Tomorrow is my Grandma’s ___ Birthday (I am not allowed to say how old!) Thats when the celebrations begin!


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