Day 185

Happy Fourth of July! :)! Picture of the day is a collage because I did so many fun things today! :)!

I made this on and they had a special July 4th Effect…so I made my entire picture Red White and Blue! The caption comes from Caitlin’s little cousin…it was a text message she got and I think it is just adorable! “Have an independent day!” This morning I worked in the nursery then Caitlin and Amanda met me at the church where we sketchily painted Rich’s car. While painting Father Walsh comes strolling by…our conversation went something like this…

Father: Hello Girls! Up to no good I presume?

Us: Nope…We are painting Rich’s car.

Father: I saw nothing…

Haha! I love that Father Walsh endorses our scheming! After we decorated the car we headed to the next picture…Yogurtland! So yummy! haha! We must have sat in there for 2 plus hours talking about anything and everything. After that I came home and spotted a rose bud…(picture!) Tonight to celebrate the fourth we went to Titi and Critter’s to shoot off some fireworks. So the last picture is Caroline and I! Fun night!


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