Day 178

Tonight was Rich’s LAST going away party…Stephens family was nice enough to host it! It was really great getting to see Rich and all my friends from youth group again. I was super excited to see Mariah because I never get to see her. She is going to Georgetown next year and we were discussing her roommate situation. At Georgetown they do something similar to Eharmony. So pretty much she has to contact people and decide if she wants to live with them. As of tonight she has asked one girl to live with her. It doesnt sound as intense when I describe it…but it is! I am also EXTREMELY jealous because tomorrow Mariah gets to leave for New Mexico…aka my favorite mission trip EVER! :(! A few weeks ago I was telling Rich about my blog and he wanted to be picture of the day but I forgot to snap a picture of him…so I told him he could be today’s picture…

This is Rich, Caitlin and Mariah! Thanks to Rich making awesome mission trips I have made so many new friends. Before I was friends with Caitlin I used to think she was a super shy quiet girl…haha boy was I wrong! I can’t imagine not having Caitlin or Mariah or Gina or Stephen as friends! haha :)!

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