Day 173

This morning Natalie and I headed back to Gainesville because we had a girl scout meeting at 2 pm. We have another one on Weds. At our meeting we had 0 daisys. So the first hour was spent playing on our newly updated iPhones…and I must give Apple credit these updates are awesome! I have the old 3G iPhone so I didn’t even get all the updates…but I can now make folders (super cool) and I can also ZOOM on the camera! This is the best part because as you all know I love to take creeper shots (with zoom that will be much easier). We had one brownie and one junior…so those meetings were VERY boring!

Picture of the day is from our dinner run to Tropical Smoothie…Natalie and I are trying not to dirty any dishes and we had some coupons so we figured we would use them. On the way there we noticed these awesome storm clouds! :)! Natalie and I love when it storms in Gainesville!

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