Day 172

Ok picture of today was taken way before the sun came up! Chelsie came over tonight and we attempted to watch When in Rome…but On demand failed us, we settled on Lucky Number Seven, a lifetime movie starring Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy!) It is super cute! By the time we finished watching the movie it was technically Monday…so this is today’s picture. I was walking upstairs turning lights off and locking doors when I noticed this GIANT frog chilling on the sliding glass door. Trust me when I say this…I HATE frogs! (lizards too!) So when I saw this I jumped so high, only to breathe a sigh of relief a few seconds later when I realized I was safe inside. I ran upstairs to get the camera (I have been having LOTS of wildlife encounters!) I snapped a few with my big camera, but the flash was messing up and I couldn’t get a good angle…so I ended up taking this photo with my little Nikon!

Ugh…this picture still freaks me out!


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