Day 170

I was super excited to be home this weekend…because today was Baby Avery’s FIRST birthday party. Let me tell you this was the most adorable first birthday I have ever seen. When I have a little girl her birthday party will be just like this one! Avery was dressed in the cutest pink and green tutu with a pink flower headband. The outfit was finished off with a custom shirt that said Avery’s 1st Birthday! The decorations were all pink and green and monkeys (again precious!) Jen (Mom) also set up a little kid snack bar complete with little cups to put the treats in! She had cheerios, crustles PBJ and a variety of other snacks little tykes love to eat. First picture of the day is Avery in her outfit…I snapped a lot of pictures so it was hard to pick just one…

I love this one because she just looks SO excited at everything going on around her! She really liked the pink and green balloons decorating the patio! After the party my dad and I headed to the beach for father’s day weekend. My dad got one of his presents early…TWO Beach Cruisers! I was extremely excited about this because they are perfect for the beach. My dad and I went on a ride later that afternoon…it started off innocent enough but quickly turned into the bike ride from hell. We made the mistake of riding with the wind first…so riding down the beach was a BREEZE. But when we turned around the wind was pelting us…it was AWFUL! But we made it back in one piece…and I will ALWAYS ride INTO the wind first! But here is a picture of my dad on his beach cruiser!


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