Day 168

This morning everyone was packing up to leave…but I still had another exam to study for, and it was just any old exam it was HEALTH! Honestly this teacher always plans exams for the last possible day (ok I guess she could have put it on Friday!) But when all my roommates are packing to go home…it is very hard to focus on studying! Especially after they give me a SUPER cool birthday present which included a sunprint kit. Coolest thing ever you set random things on it and then set in the sun and BAM! You have a sunprint! Hello picture of the day!

Pretty cool huh? And after my exam (Which actually was not too bad!) I BUILT my pinhole camera. Yes, you read that correctly I built my own camera! Ok it was a kit…so nothing to intense…but let me tell you I am not very good at reading directions! (haha!) So here is another picture showing my awesome new pinhole camera!


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