Day 167

Today I had my GUITAR/SINGING test in Music class…can you say nerve racking?! This test entailed going into a tiny storage room (closet) with the instructor and playing two songs on the guitar while singing. My entire body was literally shaking as I played the songs (Skip to my Lou and Beautiful Brown Eyes…remember ELEMENTARY EDUCATION haha) I ended up getting a 100% and the teacher told me I sang on key!! Big shock to me…because I do not have a very good singing voice (trust me!)

Tonight a group of us went to see the movie A-Team. I honestly did not know what to expect when seeing this movie. It got horrible reviews…but Bradley Cooper was in it, so I was intrigued!! And let me tell you I was NOT dissappointed! This movie was ACTION packed…but still hilarious. One of my favorite lines of the movies?? “YOU SPIN MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUND” Intrigued yet? I definitely recommend it!

At the movies Biffle gave me my birthday present…a Barnes and Noble Giftcard (YES!) a Wolf Bookmark (symbolizes our WOLF PACK) and the funniest card ever! When I got back to the apartment I got more presents! It was like Sara turns 20 all over again!! I knew this present was coming because on my actual birthday I had to unwrap BRICKS (thanks Nat and Amanda!) But it was worth it! Here is a picture of my AMAZING present(s)!

Now you are probably wondering what all this stuff its?? Well its from PHOTOJOJO (coolest website ever!) First there is the adorable blue DREAMER strap (it killed me to take off the original nikon strap but this new one looks amazing) Second there was a bottle cap tripod which is a tripod that fits on any bottle (super handy!) and then a pinhole camera kit and sunprint kit! I am excited to try these out!

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