Day 166

Today I had to cover for Susan (my boss) at Tree Trails because she is on vacation. I had my FIRST girl older than Junior…She was 16! Crazy I know and I had no idea what to do with her. Luckily she worked very well in her workbook.  Natalie was covering our usual site…but no one showed up, not one single girl scout! So she joined me at this meeting!

I am sure you are probably wondering “What in the WORLD is this a picture of?” Well for any Extreme Makeover Home Edition fans…this is the house they built in Gainesville (the episode aired in Feb) Nat Amanda and I went to the building of the house and it was very cool to see the house! When I realized that this new girl scout site was very close Nat and I decided we had to swing by and check it out! Of course I could not be super creepy and stall  in the road and snap a pic…hence the crooked photo! :)!


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