Day 165

Welcome to my worst nightmare…a day filled with cleaning! Honestly I could not accomplish anything but cleaning the bathroom last night (grossest thing to clean ever!) But sadly that was not the worst part of my room…clothes were everywhere! It looked like an atomic bomb went off and clothes were strewn about. I have no idea WHY I let my room get like this…but ever since I can remember I have been a very “messy” person. My mom gave up trying to force me to clean my room because she knew it would never happen, lucky for her I had several friends whom thouroughly enjoyed cleaning so they would tidy up my room for me. Unfortunately with no one hassling me to clean my room it has gone to the dogs…but know that they are coming to to inspections I need it to be in good shape because I would be mortified if they saw it in its current state…

So how did the cleaning go? I bet you all think my room is still a disaster…well you would be VERY wrong! I cleaned SO much and did SO many load of laundry…here is a little picture…ignore the shoes I can’t get in the closet because there is still a “mess” in there (I can only do so much in one day!)

I considered putting a before picture in the blog…but I was too ashamed…so you will just have to use your imagination…unless you have been exposed to the mess of my room already! (I apologize)

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