Day 164

Today was our last day at the beach :(! We have to go back to school for our last week of summer courses!

picture of the day is the beach of course! I spotted this guy riding on a wind surf like skateboard on the beach! There were crazy toys all over the beach…this and paddle boards, and wind boarders!

Karen and I spent the morning at my NEW favorite place in Cocoa…Juice and Java. Cutest coffee place ever and the only place with wireless internet…well after the STAYOUTTAMYSTUFF fiasco from yesterday… We got a lot of work accomplished while we enjoyed some great people watching (the classier crowd in cocoa) and enjoyed a great breakfast!

When I returned to Gainesville I entered FULL PANIC MODE when I noticed a small paper attached to our door. It informed me that apartment inspections would be occuring the next week…which meant my room had to be clean…which meant it would be a LOOONG monday! Luckily I had no work…so I can devote the entire day to cleaning!


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