Day 159

I though today would be miserable…but it honestly was not that bad. We all met to work on the health project… and let me be the first to say this health project was designed by Satan himself. It is honestly the most annoying project ever invented! 60 minute powerpoint…plus 40 page paper…5 lesson plans…and LOTS of research! Luckily we only worked on it for like 15 minutes (YES!) It is really hard to work on a group project so we pretty much split everything up!

Afterwards Biffle had to go get her oil changed so Karen and I took her. After we dropped her car off we went to lunch at Sonny’s and oh my goodness they give you SO much food. I honestly brought home an entire second meal! I love hanging out with Karen and Biffle though…we always laugh so much! (definite sign of a good trio!)


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