Day 157

Today we had Ryan’s real big graduation party. The one that every single person we have ever met was invited to (including all Ryan’s friends) It was a good opportunity to see all of my family and some family friends we have not seen in a long time. One person I had not seen in a long time was G (trainer at tennis) he brought his adorable baby daughter Stella. My cousins all loved playing with her! Hopefully I will get to babysit for her sometime this summer! Baby Avery was also at the party, she really liked Caroline :)! My dad made a video that played on a loop for the entire time…and let me tell your there were plenty of embarassing pictures of me…but no where near as many as Ryan. He definitely went through a VERY awkward phase…me on the other hand? I just had a series of several BAD BAD haircuts. I can’t wait until my dad makes Matt’s video…because 2/3 pictures of him he is flipping the camera off. (since the age of like 3) This is the adorable bag my aunt, uncle, and cousins got me for my birthday! I LOVE it! It is reversible with two adorable patterns. I also loved the tag on it (I admit I saved it on my bulliten board) “Do Something Creative Everyday” :)!


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