Day 156 (Goodbye Teenage Years!)

Today is my 20th Birthday!! I am no longer a teenager!! This morning my mom was very anxious to give me my present…usually I have to BEG to open them in the morning but she literally had it waiting for me when I came downstairs! I was VERY excited when she handed me a GIANT Lilly Pulitzer bag. My dad kept questioning me “What do you think it is?” My guess? a Lilly bag or possibly dress…boy was I surprised when I opened the box… Inside I found a very cute pink and white striped cotton Lilly shirt with a gator on it…but what was underneath was the real surprise a TIM TEBOW DENVER BRONCOS Jersey! This is the only thing that could have been hidden in a Lilly box and left me satisfied! I also got an extremely cute luggage tag with alligators on it (it looks great on my camera bag!)

Here is my adorable birthday cake!! :)! I love the bow on it!! :)! Finally I am no longer a teenager…now just 365 more days until I am 21 :)!


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