Day 155

Today I went to IKEA with Natalie aka the coolest store ever made! Honestly we were in HEAVEN! They set up mini apartments and furnish them! Some of the apartments were so tiny (I think one was 500 sqft!) and they included everything necessary to live in a cute way. This made me feel better at my prospects of ending up in a SUPER tiny apartment while struggling to survive on a teacher salary (haha!) After visiting I wish our apartment came unfurnished because Nat and I would have had a BLAST picking out things for the apartment…we were there for practically 3 hours just picking out decorations for the apartment! I can’t wait to go back and pick more stuff out! This lamp was in the restaurant area (so cool too!) We had lunch at IKEA…it tasted good and was cheap (my two favorite things!) haha

Tonight my buddy Caroline came over to help me bake cookies for Ryan’s graduation celebration! We made Orange and Blue cookies…of course! :)!


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