Day 153

This morning I had a math test…that I did not study for and surprisingly it was the easiest math test yet! (or so I think I should probably wait until I get it back!) In Music class we did a really fun activity, surprisingly I love this class even if I am always half asleep (its at 8am!) In this activity the teacher played several songs from a collection called Carnival of Animals. Each song represented a different animal, and we had to guess which one and then draw it. Karen’s pictures were adorable…mine were just awful. So here is a picture of Karen’s kangaroo

I love it!! :)! Her Swan was pretty awesome too…but I had to write on it while explaining a math problem, ultimately ruining the drawing :(!

After Math class Karen, Biffle and I went to our SECRET Library. Honestly no one knows about it and we loved it until today…when the mean librarian would not let us drink water. Have you ever been told you are not allowed to have your water? It tends to make you VERY thirsty. We ended up finishing the second lesson plan and Karen and I found songs for our next Music project. Afterwards we all grabbed lunch and then headed home…I snapped this creeper/stalker pic on the bus and I think its hilarious. The bus driver took a mini break which resulted in us eating our lunch on the bus (I have Karen’s permission to use this photo) Its really blurry…but thats because it was a creeper shot! haha! Please notice Biffle’s pose…haha! I honestly can’t imagine Summer B without seeing these two everyday…trust me I would not survive summer classes without them! They make sure I finish all my work and pay attention…and how do I thank them? I snap embarrassing photos! Luckily they still like me…or so I think :)!


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