Day 152

Today Nat and I had our Girl Scout meeting…but today we had to go an extra hour early because starting this week we have an hour for daisies, an hour for brownies, and an hour for juniors. Natalie and I spent all last night making this AMAZING prize (aka BRIBE) box for the girls. If they follow the rules for TWO weeks (they get 3 strikes) then they get to pick from the box. Here is a picture I snapped while waiting for the girls to arrive…

Unfortunately only TWO girls got to see the amazingness of this box…one daisy and one junior. We ended up having to sit there for an ENTIRE hour until the junior meeting started…so much for splitting the meeting into 3 hours. Fortunately we learned that a lot of the girls were on a field trip with the community center.

After Girl Scouts I headed to Karens to work on our lesson plans for this HORRIBLE health project…Biffle was there too. When you get the three of us together laughter is guaranteed. My ADD was in full force…plus crankiness from being tired…luckily Karen and Biffle just found this hilarious and did not take my outbursts personally! haha! We ended up finishing ONE lesson plan and most of the second one…pretty good amount of work accomplished given the fact that it was the three of us!


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