Day 151

Today is Memorial Day a perfect day to spend at the beach! I was extremely excited because Baby Avery was coming to the beach…she is one of the nurses Jen’s daughter and she is absolutely ADORABLE! I hadn’t seen her since she was very little, but now she is almost a year old! Needless to say picture of the day is little Avery and me playing at the beach…

She had a blast playing at the beach…and she only ate a little bit of sand! This picture was taken when we were playing in the waves…at first she would cry whenever the waves hit her feet but she got over that fear pretty quickly!

After spending a fun day at the beach I rode home to Orlando with Matt driving (scary right!) But honestly he was a very good driver and we made it home in one piece…but after that hour in the car I got to enjoy a two hour car ride back to Gainesville…and of course it decided to rain on me!


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