Day 150

The past few times I have visited the beach I have NOT entered the ocean…not quite sure why because there is nothing I love more than swimming in the ocean. I think in my old age (yes I am old… I am almost twenty!) I have developed an even bigger fear of the unknown creatures that lurk in the ocean. Luckily for me the extreme heat caused me to overcome this fear!! I am so glad I did…I love diving through the waves and feeling the sand beneath my feet…even if I feel it while doing the Stingray Shuffle! I also finished reading my book (The Hunger Games) and started my new book (The Death and Life of Charlie Saint Cloud)…which I ultimately finished later in the day. I loved this book…they are turning it into a movie with Zac Efron (and no it is not some disney channel movie) It is a very sad but inspirtational movie…Check out the trailer:

I am a little worried because I do not think it will follow the book…

This afternoon Matthew decided to go lay out on the beach and the dummy forgot to put sunscreen on (ok he swears he put it on…) And then he preceeded to fall asleep with his iPod on his chest…resulting in picture of the day

OUCH!!!! After dinner my mom and I went for a walk on the beach. Seaweed had washed up along the shoreline and was literally EVERYWHERE! It was a really nice night out…and I snapped some great pictures. So lucky for everyone I have a second picture of the day (this is becomming quite the trend!)

Seriously is that not the prettiest sky you have ever seen?!

Tonight my entire family (Ryan included) watched E! Special on Too Young To Kill aka most disturbing show on televsion…very scary!

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