Day 149

This morning I went to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market with Chelsie and Natalie. I have not seen Chelsie in months (she goes to school in NC) so I was VERY excited to see her! I love the Farmer’s Market because everything is adorable (that sounds really dorky but it is!) So of course I needed to include a picture from the Farmer’s Market…it was hard choosing just one but I think this flower is amazing!

This afternoon I headed over to the beach. I love that we have our own condo now because we can visit it whenever we want! I spent the afternoon lounging on the beach re-reading The Hunger Games. I had already started re-reading it before my new book arrived…but I plan on starting that next! Of course I could not pick just one picture for today so here is another from the drive over…I swear I was not driving!!!

Tonight my entire family (minus Ryan) watched The Blind Side…I love that movie :)! Sandra Bullock is amazing…and the character she portrayed is also amazing!!


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