Day 148

Friday is finally here…but thanks to my health teacher I am still in Gainesville till 4:30 pm today!

I had my impossible health test this afternoon…Biffle and I drove to the test and got there fairly early, given this is an online class and we have only been to the classroom we got completely lost! Luckily I had my camera in my bag (my car was completely packed and ready to go home!) So we took some pictures! First picture is a cool clock outside the stadium…

Second picture (sorry I could not leave this one out!) Is Biffle striking a pose in the elevator! haha

She loves being picture of the day haha!

So health test was NOT fun…I studied as much as I could…but I honestly think I have undiagnosed ADD because I can’t focus for more then five minutes! Luckily no one in my cohort studied very much, which was comforting to hear minutes before the test was handed out.

When we arrived for the test our professor apologized for putting the test on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend…according to her she had no idea! (yeah right she is just PURE evil!) And then she proceeded to ask if any of us went to see Sex and The City Two (umm no we were studying for your stupid test!) I told you she was evil!

As soon as it was over I headed home to Winter Park…I guess the sky was sad about me having a Health Test today because it decided to POUR down rain for 75% of my drive. Driving through downtown Orlando I was greeted by an AMAZING rainbow…hopefully this is a sign that I will have a GREAT weekend!


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