Day 146

Tonight I went to Amanda and Natalies last soccer game…no they do not play soccer themselves, they coach! There team is made up of 5 and 6 year olds and they are absolutely adorable. I was incharge of taking pictures (perfect job for me!) plus chilling on the sidelines with the kids. The DRAGONS (thats their team name) won the game 2-1! Everytime I have watched a game they have won (I am lucky I know it! :)!!!) So needless to say picture of the day is from the soccer game…I could not pick one so I compiled four of them.

The top left corner is Max…he is adorable and his dad is hilarious! I was worried a lot of the parents would be weirded out by me hanging out on the sidelines but he was super friendly. After the game today we found out that he is a WWII re-enacter! ( I would love to see that) The top right corner is Connor…his mom was also super friendly she helped Natalie and Amanda out a lot this season. Today Connor was my buddy on the sidelines…we discussed his super cool silly bands (all 26 of them!) He was impressed with my Kangaroo silly band (thanks to my brother Matt!)  The bottom left is Caden, and he is just adorable. The first game I went to his water bottle cracked so I was given the duties of holding it upside down for the remainder of the game. The final picture is Natalie and Amanda with their entire team…well almost entire team, two girls had to leave early.

One of the little girl’s dad works with the UF basketball team and after the game the kids were eating pizza and cookies. She nonchalantly says “Coach Donovan had a cookie WAY bigger than this once!” so I concluded that her and coach Donovan are besties. A lot of the kids parents told Nat and Amanda that they really want them to coach again! I hope they do because I would like to be junior coach. I don’t know if I have time to be a full time coach but I could definitely be their photographer! :)!


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