Day 145

Today started at 1:30 AM when I awoke to what sounded like gunshots outside my window…okay luckily it was not gunshots but rather firecrackers (still not relieved) The idiots from upstairs thought it would be a FABULOUS idea to shoot them at our windows…and to throw them on our porch. I was terrified! Luckily it woke Nat up too…Amanda slept through the entire event (her room is at the back of the apartment) When the idiots decided to put the firecracker on Nat’s car we decided to call the office. We wanted to call the police but we didn’t want to call 911 (because it was not an emergency) The person that answered the phone informed us that he would call the courtesy cop. Well my apartment’s complex’s Courtesy Cop is the WORST ever! He never showed up…and after twenty minutes of waiting the guy called back and gave us the number for the police (non emergency) but of course by now the firecrackers had stopped. So thank you Woodlands for providing us with 24 hour security…I feel extremely safe now!

Due to this eventful evening/morning I did not fall back asleep till two and I have to wake up at 6:45 (not fun!) One surprise this morning? When Nat and I left for class she found the rest of the idiots firecrackers sitting on our car…HELLLLO Picture of the DAY! :)!

Oh and I had two tests today…But I am glad to announce that the music test and math test went well! I know for sure I got a 98 on music and hopefully I did well on math! We finished the math test at 10 am so Karen and I went and got breakfast at the HUB…I love being finished so early in the morning because I have the rest of the day to do stuff…and work haha.

This afternoon Nat and I had our meeting…I say its OUR meeting because we are incharge of planning it! Of course we had some rowdy girls so we made rules! If the girls follow the rules they get a PARTY! Honestly I do not think they will be able to follow this because they broke about half the rules five minutes after we wrote them.

Tonight I attempted to do homework but of course I did not accomplish much of this…and then Glee and Parenthood came on tv so of course I had to watch! Our friend from high school Lauren came over to watch with us! Glee was really good tonight!! :)!

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