Day 143

Today was VERY busy! I woke up bright and early and headed to work at the church nursery. This is one of my favorite parts of going home because I get to see some of my favorite kids! I was working both the 9:30 and 12 masses. At 9:30 two of my favorite kids Calvin and his siter Hope came in…they are hilarious. Noon mass was not as much fun, because I did not know a lot of the kids…but there was one super cute baby Elliot that was full of smiles.

As soon as I got home from work my house was hopping with relatives. Everyone came over to celebrate my Grandpa’s 80th Birthday and my Uncle Greg’s birthday! After we ate lunch a group of us watched this weeks Modern Family, where they decide to take a family picture…lets just say it ends horribly! This gave my mom the great idea of taking our own family picture! While it did not end up as crazy as Modern Family we did have our issues…notably the self timer would not work! Picture of the day is my Grandma and Grandpa! :)! My dad took this photograph, but I edited the colors a little bit to brighten it up!

After the party I had to go to Mass…and then pack the car and head back to Gainesville. I was not excited about this…I wish I could stay in WP, but I will be back on Friday! :)! I just need to survive a week full of THREE tests!

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