Day 142

Today is party day! I headed to Amanda’s around 5:45 to help get ready for the party. A lot of people that I haven’t seen in a long time came…including my friend Kelly! She went to elementary school with me but now she goes to school in Providence so I NEVER get to see her! (honestly its been like a year) So I loved getting to catch up with her. I also enjoyed getting to see everyone else and I think Rich had a good time. Everyone LOVED the video…I am so glad because Amanda and I worked really hard on it! :)! Sandi came to the party prepared with amazing desserts (honestly should open her own bakery!) This is a picture of some type of cheesecake…

Unfortunately, I had not been feeling all day and the pain kicked in right around party time…Just My Luck! So I did not get to enjoy any of these amazing desserts…and trust me this was not the only one! Sandi also made a chocolate ice cream cake and pretzels covered with chocolate and sprinkles. Kay made a chocolate cake with strawberrys on it! Robert also brought some brownies…so this party was equipped with a wide variety of desserts! I ended up having to leave early due to the pain 😦 and spent the rest of night curled up on the couch…fun times!


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