Day 141

I love Fridays because I don’t have music class, which means I get to sleep in an extra hour! This morning Amanda was leaving to go home, and I was getting ready for class…but then I decided to skip math class. Karen told me she would share her notes and the material is very simple. The drive back home was very nice, there was absolutely no traffic and I made it to downtown Orlando in an hour and a half!

Once I got home I unpacked the car and headed to Amanda’s to help her with Rich’s party. Rich is our youth minister that is leaving to go to grad school at Villanova…so we decided to throw a little going away party for him. Amanda and I spent FOREVER working on a video full of memories (literally 5+ hours!) by the end of the video we were seriously delerious…laughing at every little thing. I must say the video is amazing! I just hope everyone likes it. Amanda’s little brother had Relay for Life with our high school (Go Wildcats!) tonight. His shift was 10 pm-10 am and then he had baseball games all Saturday. Amanda and I volunteered to drop some stuff off at 5 so he could sleep. Picture of the day is the track at the football stadium.

I love being home in Winter Park and I am very excited for the weekend!! :)!


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