Day 140

This afternoon I had Girl Scouts at Rosa ( a community center) picture of the day is a mural from there…

When we got there the kids were waiting to have a bullying seminar. I was really glad to sit in on it. A police officer came in and spoke with the children…he was awesome! Pretty much he told the kids IF YOU HIT SOMEONE YOU WILL GO TO JAIL…hopefully that makes the kids realize that hurting one another is wrong. The only problem I had with this speech is that he only focused on physical bullying, not gossiping or talking bad about other peoples…but I guess you can only cover so much in 30 minutes.

Tonight Amanda and I watched the Grey’s Anatomy season finale…and let me just say it was the MOST INTENSE two hours of television I have EVER watched! I have not really been watching the show for the past few seasons, so I was a little behind on some of the details…but pretty much it was two hours of a gunman on the loose in the hospital offing people left and right. Amanda spent the entire first hour under a blanket with her ears covered. I honestly thought I was going to get physically sick while watching it…or have a panic attack!

Luckily, when the episode ended no one was still clinging on to life…people were either dead or alive, so at least there was closure. Tomorrow I am going home after math class for the weekend, I am very excited!


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