Day 138

Today I was given the very scary responsibilities of caterpillar sitting for Biffle. Ok so after tweeting this I recieved the question “What does caterpillar sitting entail?” And let me tell you this is no easy task! First, when the caterpillars turn into chrysallises (there are two, Jack and Jill) I have to leave them alone for two days…and then transport them into a new container…very stressful! I am so worried I am going to kill them! Luckily they are just know starting to chrysallis, but in two days Karen will be on caterpillar duty…Ok know you are all probably wondering…”What is the world is Biffle doing with caterpillars?” Well simple, its for her bug class! I was supposed to take this course but I had to drop it so I can work at Girl Scouts (got my first paycheck!)

Tonight Nat and I had Swaps and Traditions training…it was supposed to go 6-8pm but we got out early because the trainers did not have the supplies (they were called up last minute) and  I was not complaining. We got to do a craft and make a swap…little owls and I must say mine is freaking adorable! I was going to share a picture of Jack and Jill…but their food makes the container all foggy and gross…and my owl is way cuter! :)!


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