Day 137

I woke up this morning, got ready to leave for class, walked out the front door and to my surprise it was raining…no not just raining POURING, at 7:20 in the morning! I had to run back inside and find my rain jacket. I love rainy days, when I can just sit inside and do nothing…walking to class in the rain with my math textbook is not fun…

I should have known the rain was a bad sign…my math test was not fun. I was completely stumped by one question…and then I know I made a stupid mistake (I am the queen of these!) Hopefully I got the bonus right. If I royally screwed this test up…fear not…I get a chance to make ONE test up, but I would really not have it be the first test of the semester.

After class we went to the gym (Karen, Biffle and I). Instead of Racket Club, or Racket Ball as Karen calls it…we went to SW Rec. I like Southwest a lot better because it was not crowded at 10:30 AM (literally only like 3 other people were working out!)

I had Girl Scouts with Nat at a new place today Caring and Sharing (a charter school in Gainesville) we were working with the Brownies today…and oh my goodness were they obnoxious. They could not sit still, they did not want to listen, and one poor girl got sick. Lets just say I left that meeting with a massive headache.

Tonight we watched the season finales of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill…both shows went out with a bang…both literally and figuratively…

Picture of the day is boring…its just of my ring that I wear everyday (personally I love it!) It is a traditional Irish Claddagh Ring. I bought in Park City Utah…I had been wanting one for a while, and when I saw this one with the blue stone I knew it was perfect! While I do like the simple silver ones, I really liked how this had the blue because it was different. I never thought I would see one like it…but last fall while on the bus I saw a girl with the EXACT ring! (crazy I know!) So whats the tradition behind this ring?? Well the symbols associated  in the giving of the ring was: “With my two hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my loyalty.” There are two ways to wear it, depending on your relationship status. The way I am wearing it symbolizes that my heart is open (single) If you flip the ring it shows that your heart is taken. In Ireland this is traditional used as a wedding ring. One of my favorite parts of Leap Year (the movie) is when Declan mentions his mother’s Claddagh ring. :)!

Ok I really don’t like how this picture turned out…I was playing with manual focus..and it definitely focused on my hand not my ring :(!

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