Day 135

Today was extremely laid back…the apartment was empty (besides me) and while I had a lot of homework I should have done…I did none of it. Instead I went to the mall with Biffle in search of recruitment dresses. She found a black and white one that is super cute! After a few hours of shopping we got lunch…hence picture of the day (Yogaberry: Type of Fro Yo, not as good as Mochi but only thing in mall)

After the mall I really did not do anything productive…I watched a few movies. Away We Go with John Krasinski from the Office (love him!) then Sunshine Cleaning, with Amy Adams and Emily Blunt (who just happens to be engaged to John Krasinski :(!!) I attempted to do a little homework…but you all know by now I am not very good at getting work accomplished..I am proud to say I did get one Health lecture and quiz completed! Later that night I ended up watching My Sister Keeper…not a good idea to watch this alone, I ended up crying hysterically on the couch…so needless to say I had one crazy night! haha!! :)! Woohoo College!


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