Day 134

I am proud to say I survived the first week of summer school! Today I only had one class…Math, which means I got to sleep in an extra hour! Who thought I would ever be excited to wake up at 8 AM during Summer!? But let me tell you that extra hour is AMAZING! I was energized all day!

After a VERY boring Math class…Biffle and I went to Target! I have really wanted to buy the movie Leap Year…so I did! :)! I love this movie because it is set in Ireland somewhere I am dying to visit. This movie just makes me want to travel there even more…a lot of my friends are currently studying abroad in England and Ireland…and all of their pictures are making me VERY jealous!!

Tonight a group of us went and saw Letters to Juliet. It was just ok…and I am generally a big fan of chick flicks. This one just started out a little slow…but once the grandmother Claire and grandson Charlie arrived the movie picked up significantly. The male lead in the this movie is beautiful! Christopher Egan…and he is from New Zealand, which mean he has an accent!

Picture of the day is my head…rocking my BRAND new FREE sunglasses! They were handing them out in Turlington after class (promotion for some apartment complex!) I was super excited because I lost my sunglasses like these (Greek Week) at the Zac Brown Band concert in GA. I really like these for summer because they are fun colors. Karen jacked the last pink ones…so I picked the lime green ones! :)!

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