Day 133

This was how I found my car Thursday after class…lets just say it was VERY difficult to get into the drivers seat…because the idiot with the blue car did not know how to park! After a few minutes of manuevering my way from the backseat I successfully made it to the front seat…Biffle definitely got a good laugh out of that!

Today I had Girl Scouts at Rosa (the site where all my old girls moved to!) I was really excited to see them…and I think they were glad to see us! The troop leader they have there runs meetings VERY differently from Nat and I…and I guess our girls do not agree. For example when the leader said we were going to sing a song, our scout Kiara rolled her eyes and sighs “We don’t sing songs” Let’s just say she has the eye roll down! haha! After this we had training from 6-9…luckily it got out at 8:30!

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