We woke up this morning at 8 AM…ready to embark on our last day in Georgia. We planned on spending the morning exploring downtown Atlanta and then hitting the road! Specifically we were going to the Coca-Cola World (it was waaay cheaper than the aquarium!) It is in a new building and was very cool…but our favorite part was getting to taste all the different sodas from around the world. Nat and Amanda can proudly say they tried every flavor…I wimped out when we reached North America (but I have tasted the stuff before!) I did not want to be the one that threw up on the way home! There is a small park that separates Coca-Cola World and the aquarium…that is where picture of the day comes from…

I love how you can see Coca-Cola World and downtown Atlanta in this picture! After the museum we headed to Centennial Park (this is where the olympics were) and we walked around trying to find a place to eat. We successfully found Max’s a tiny cute pizza place. After we ate we hit the road…we were all very sad to be leaving!! On our way home we stopped to see the worlds largest peanut, we had noticed it on the way up and decided to stop on the way back to Florida. It is down this little road with nothing around it…literally in the middle of nowhere. Tomorrow I get back to reality with class starting at 8 AM.


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