Day 128

Today was amazing…simple as that! 🙂

It reminded me why I always love exploring the outdoors with my family in the west. For a long time I have always wanted to move out west and work as a teacher there, but the distance from FL always made me apprehensive about it. Today showed me that I can find a small piece of that wilderness a few hours north of FL (And sidenote: according to Amanda’s aunt the school system is really good in her town) This picture is from our adventure today!

The day started off bright and early when we went to cheer Amanda’s cousin Paige’s soccer game. We got to witness some great parenting…two moms (one wearing a Jacob Black Twilight shirt) arguing over who they liked more Edward or Jacob. (haha) One father yelling crazily at his daughter and other players (reminded me why I dislike competive sports TOO MUCH PRESSURE) After the game we all hung out by the pool…after we ate lunch we decided to explore the river. You can either struggle down the hill to the river right behind the house, or drive down the road to a park that is on the river. We went with the second option but ended up back behind their house hiking through legit wilderness. We had to scale rocks, cross through the river, and over broken branches…all while barefoot and carrying my nikon! I am proud to say I only fell once…when we were back on park grounds (yes we trespassed a little…but on their neighbors land and their own so no big deal). I had so much fun exploring and climbing on the rocks…Natalie and I both decided it was so much easier to hike barefoot because you could feel the grooves in the rock beneath your toes. We made it all the way to behind their house…but then gave up when we reached the slippery steep rock behind their house. Amanda’s cousin Paige made it across…but I was not able to, it was WAY to big of a risk with my Nikon! I made it across the first little steep rock, but if I fell here I just landed in the river. The next one would have landed me in a waterfall. (literally!)

This picture was taken where we stopped…and if you can’t tell I have been playing around with the Black and White settings on my camera!

The concert tonight was amazing! It was at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater at Encore Park and the facilities were so nice. The people were friendly and welcoming…and lets just say Zac Brown Band was incredible!!! Unfortunately I could not bring my camera in, so I don’t have any pictures but my roomies do…but the concert was incredible…minus the FREEZING weather! :)!

Overall, it was a perfect day…I am not ready to leave!


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