Day 127

This morning we hit the road for our first Road Trip of the Summer! :)! We are going to Georgia to see the Zac Brown Band play!

The drive up was a lot of fun…it surprisingly did not feel like 6+hours…We made a pit stop at High Falls State Park which is right across the border in Georgia. I honestly never thought there would be a waterfall this close to Florida, but it was really cool. We of course were not planning on hiking, so Natalie and I were both in flip flops…but we did not let this stop us! Picture of the day is from the hike…I love this sign because it is so ironic! Honestly who would jump in that?? Ok I am sure there are some crazy people out there…but not me! haha unless I am in a raft!

After our pitstop we continued on to Suwannee Georgia where Nat’s cousin Amelia lives. This is honestly one of the cutest towns I have ever seen. She took us to the central park which is surrounded by little restaurants, unique botiques, and city hall. The park is HUGE! and has large fields, water fountains for kids to play in, and a band shell.

We finally made it to Amanda’s aunt’s house around 7..and let me tell you the house we stayed at was one of the most amazing houses I have ever seen! It is tucked back down a long driveway in the middle of tall trees. Behind their house is a big drop down to a river. I loved just sitting there and listening to the rapids below! Everyone was super nice…after dinner we all watched the Fugitive with Harrison Ford a movie I have never seen…and let me tell you it is VERY stressful. I spent the entire movie asking questions and predicting parts (yeah I am not the best person to watch a movie with)

Tomorrow will be fun! We have the whole day to do whatever we want and then the concert at 7!! :)!


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